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April 17, 2023 Douglas Sigwarth/ Will Armstrong Season 3 Episode 7
The Independent Artist Podcast
First Shows of the Year
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Working Artists! You are not alone!

This week we spend the entire episode discussing our first shows of the year and the hot topics from the road.

Visual artists Douglas Sigwarth and Will Armstrong co-host and discuss topics affecting working artists. Each episode is a deep dive into a conversation with a guest artist who shares their unique experiences as an independent professional artist.

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[Music] foreign
welcome to the independent artist podcast sponsored by the National Association of Independent Artists also
sponsored by zapplication I'm will Armstrong and I'm a mixed media artist I'm Douglas sigworth glassblower join
our conversations with professional working artists
well hello my friend now you are looking a lovely shade of green this afternoon
don't tempt me I can keep stuff down uh yeah I had a little salmonella over the weekend
jeez that was I I've had it before went down to actual art shows uh to do uh I
was headed to Fort Myers I think it was and had a weak to kill in between and ended up uh having a bad oyster it's
almost like the dog like trying to get all right out of the dog's mouth and it's like no I'm eating this cat turd
I don't know why like my mouth just kind of went into overdrive and I just kind of took over
and and did its job and swallowed that oyster and it got right there in my throat I'm like oh that's a bad one
that's not good that's bad and it didn't didn't shake me off the ersters but um I
think it was egg or uh salad greens something I don't know either way it uh it puts you on a weight loss routine
right for the weekend and I look a little thinner pretty good man
it's Will's weight loss program and five pounds in three days my friend also yeah
well it is good to see you even if you are suffering a bit uh it seems like it's been quite a while since we've
touched base uh last showed Bayou City it's funny it it does feel like a while but I did just see a couple weeks ago or
was it one week how long ago well I think I've lived a lot of life since we were in Houston together so this will be
a good opportunity to catch up a bit absolutely you know it was a one day show really right it kind of turned out
that way yeah well typically it's a it's a big big full weekend but with the rain
and everything else that was going on there in Houston it just you know it ended up being an incredible for me
Saturday and then literally nothing on Friday and then then eked out a few on on on Sunday so I had a good one tell me
what you think about this I never really felt like it it like downpoured it was like it just drizzled on those days that
they said it was gonna rain and it would have been fine for most people but the weather the weather person
scared people away you know it depends on the crowd like I was at a show in Indianapolis one time I
don't even remember what it was maybe is is Talbot Street in Indiana yeah yeah yes it is yeah I was Talbot Street years
ago and I was like I looked at the weather in the morning and I was like oh sweet looks like I'm packing up early
and and uh because it was just it was one of those where you look out the hotel window and you could see the pattern of the wind and the rain just
like you can see it's just like washing I mean it's just buckets coming down and I'm like all right looks like I'm going
to pack it up early went down there the streets were jammed like nothing you
know no umbrellas no uh raincoats they're just standing out there baby carrot baby drowning as long as they
were pulling out wet dollar bills out of their pockets that's all we care about
oh man you know it ended up being a pretty decent show for us too but this isn't typical for us but we had after
after sales do you typically get after after shocks aftershocks yeah we had
some after after sales going on yeah yeah nice good good good good that's great to hear I typically do
um you know I've been following that that Dolan and Ali Marie Guymon uh plan and keeping the book with me I guess
that's the dolquist uh she preaches that as well about following every lead crystalquist uh amazing photographer we
had on first season but like taking that book keeping it in my back pocket and writing down the leads and following up
on the people I only had one really and I'm still you know we're still in the foreplay stage but we'll see if that if
I can close it we're coming up here a future episode I did a recording here because I'm going to be heading out
quick so I needed to get up get an episode under my belt I talked to Julia Gilmore and that's one of her techniques
she says she will get people's names and she will keep contacting them until they
either tell her that they've changed their mind and they don't want to go that route or they buy a painting and that's really
interesting because I've always been a little bit afraid that I'm going to be bugging somebody to death to you know
it's like maybe they're blowing me off or something but um right you know it's that fine line that's interesting well I
wonder if she can get away with it more because of who she is like I feel like I feel like it's like I'm on The Dating
plan you know I mean you remember a long time ago where like yeah you go and you ask somebody on a date like I would ask
somebody on a date and if they didn't want to go I was like next right like that was it right I mean because that
could be overbearing and all that kind of stuff and it can be off-putting for sure yeah right so I don't know I I did
send one email back to this guy and he was like Hey I I having remorse I should have picked up this painting do you
still have it you know yes I did when's a good time to talk because that's that's you know another trick I picked
up from you know guests of the show but Sydney again are like don't talk money on the email uh get them on the phone
because you gotta close it on the phone to close it because otherwise they're thinking and you don't know what they're thinking and you can hear it in their
voice Etc so I try to you know get them on the phone and I think that might have scared
him off a little bit and now I'm kind of in like how do you remember me Texas shouldn't have fun last night I really I
thought you're really handsome would you like to swipe is it swipe left or swipe right for yes but whatever I don't know
I don't either I said that to my wife one time and I was like what is it swipe
she was like she just patted my legs she's like you never need to know about it I'm protected you from all of that
uh you know we had we had a pretty good weekend we had a good neighborhood it was nice seeing everybody again I hadn't
been at a show for nine freaking months yeah so I mean it was really great uh we had some guests of the show kind of in
our neighborhood and then some young kind of up and coming artists too that I I really got a kick out of uh seeing I
don't know what that kind of wave was but I definitely felt like there was some new talent in the in the
neighborhood I thought there were some really cool folks um kind of traditional slash contemporary African uh basket
weaving there's some painting that was happening nice it was a cool neighborhood mixed in with some some old
friends and and made some yeah so cool anyway yeah it was a it was an interesting show here's an incident that
that's never happened to me before oh yeah so I had my booth set up with an opening in the back because I had back
stock so I and they shoehorn you into that show pretty that's for sure I mean they give you 10 feet and that's it like
um I think my neighbor got nine foot eight because they were the last one to show up but yeah or nine foot nine foot
uh 11 and a half or so I was trying to push in because I like you know my spatial recognition is pretty good at
this point like I could I could tell you what 10 feet is they'll tell you like you're taking an exit and they're like
the exit is in 600 feet I'm like oh that's 60 yard show booth and uh so it's
all in reference to that yeah anyway I've got my I've got a double
booth at this show and I put a little partition in the back that you could get to the back stack so
it's a little door and uh it looked real inviting to a gentleman um that that he just was like stumbling
in this this real old guy and and uh just went right through the back of my booth I was like uh excuse me sir and
this his wife goes he's going back there to pee I was like the no he ate and I
ran back there I was like I was like Woody I was like put that pack in your pants sir uh get out of here and I just
I laid in oh my God that's hilarious so I know it was really nasty I was really
mad I was pissed yeah but don't bump so
no I just I don't know man I'm like if you can't make it 10 extra steps to the Porta John that I could see or you can't
ask somebody about it then you need to be wearing a diaper they make products for that sir you know get your hillbilly
ass out of here right wow I think it comes with with that age I think there's a little bit of the dementia starts to
set in and all of those uh those things that we that we remind ourselves as
social rules they go out the window oh yes I mean but I kind of always thought that that would like apply to it apply
itself to like cutting past the Velvet Rope while they're making an install at the Museum
you know like yeah I'm old I know I might not make it I'm going in now like yeah maybe that kind of thing but like
I don't know it was peeing behind your booth yeah I don't know it just makes you feel bad about your life decisions
doesn't it nobody's going right
in his potted plants yeah it's just ridiculous yeah yeah anyway uh so yeah
I've had um luckily I had a nice long soaking rain after that so it washed everything down
and uh everything went starting out fresh like a daisy
cool well we actually you know like in the past things have always kind of been
similar and predictable and and we've just had like these new experiences just
kind of like pop up that were just like kind of go with like for example
Sunday at like three in the afternoon we looked at each other and we said you know what instead of driving all the way
home and driving all the way back which was our plan let's book a flight so I booked a flight
home three o'clock in the afternoon for the next day and I mean it was just like
just like boom just like that it hadn't had the thought and we did it yeah High Roller look at you I wish right I
actually did think of that aspect I thought of the money aspect and I I sat down and I I calculated the the gas
mileage and how much how many miles it was to home and if it was maybe like 50 bucks more for an airline ticket than to
actually drive and you factor in the time it's it's a no-brainer at that even
the day before like even even buying it the day before the day before gas prices absolutely yeah it was really reasonable
until till uh you want to tell everybody the big plan that I hooked you up with or that is why I decided by the way to
fly home but I thought this was one of the will Armstrong secrets that I wasn't allowed to divulge so yes I'll tell you
because it's the same it's that doesn't matter if you get stacked up uh behind whatever so what you got to do you go to
um the dealer that's always the dealer right and you go to the dealer and you you put your van in there and you get an
oil change and yeah they're going to charge you twice as much for an oil change but they also have like four
times the security they're not going to cut your catalytic converter Out Underneath they've got they're going to put it in a fenced-in area happens to
every time also the dealer pick the dealer closest to the airport and they've got a shuttle they'll take you
to the airport that was a beautiful suggestion we did it it worked out perfectly and that's exactly what we did
yeah so for uh what 25 oil change that
offset the whole parking for three weeks 25 five dollars okay 19. I don't know
I'm pulling a number out of my hat if it would cost you 200 if it cost you anything on that big noise it actually
wasn't that expensive but anyway it was reasonable it was better than uh than not three weeks of parking so all right
perfect yeah three weeks it's it's somewhere you're paying you know your money's going towards something right
it's going towards an oil change gets tires rotated get a little spit polished yeah you're good to go not only did we
come out of it uh with an oil change we're leaving with a new van hey from that from that dealership
they had one that came in the night before I called and checked on it we bought it over the phone with texting
photos and all that [ __ ] so awesome so we're gonna be driving out of there with a whole new van we're gonna sell
our trailer sweet good yeah that's fantastic well so we flew home just in time to get another Wisconsin blizzard
we had I a foot of snow uh heavy heavy
snow lost power for overnight and broke like 50 trees in our yard so it was a
[ __ ] nightmare we're in a wooded area we gotta have some major tree cleanup come come out that's not cheap no
welcome to home ownership hey uh before we change the the subject off of Bayou I wanted to talk to you it gives me a good
opportunity to bring up the subject of uh breakdown yeah right um so Bayou doesn't have it easy I mean
they they really don't I mean it's like it's it's one trail that goes in sometimes it's like
um right off of a cliff you know it's a big slope behind the booth there's so there's nowhere to go yeah it's one way
in one way out everybody has to go on the same route everybody has to go in the same direction yeah I mean it's a
night benefits the whole thing stops I mean really right yeah right so that
being said uh it is uh the most like I've done hundreds of shows right
I've been doing shows full time since 2002. yeah right absolutely so we did we didn't recognize my 20th year last year
but okay you know we have big where's my case where's my watch Douglas where's my
where's my watch next I'll come your retirement so let's just keep it rolling that's right
all right so I've done you know take I take adelaiah
a beautiful little show down in South Carolina um it's a lot of craft and a lot of
locals and and I it's a Charming little show it's inside of a castle like really where this artist used to live and
they've got kind of the ruins of this castle that you're going in so it's like a one story and some people say it's
like well that's ambitious to call it Castle I'm like no if you it's it's cool it's a cool little location and it's got
this Courtyard and the stone wall around it and I've been at that show when a hurricane was coming through and and
you're you're dollying in and this one little pathway all the way through and everybody's using the same thing okay
they don't micromanage it at all they just you know just get out of here so you know here's the doors yeah here are
the doors that you can come in here are the doors you have to leave and they don't they don't do anything we all respect each other for the most part I
generally believe in self-policing like not a lot of not a lot of micromanaging
I really don't like micromanaging and and what do you think could be done about the breakdown with with Bob I
thought about that I thought about this situation because I know for example there were a lot of folks whose plan was
to kind of pre-pack and come back the next day me too so there was a whole
lineup of people that couldn't move because they weren't letting anybody move and it would have just been helpful
if there was because it's really not that far of a trek from the back parking
to the exit like you're leaving go you're pulling in to load up wait let
the next one through you're leaving go I think that would have been more effective because so many people just
were stuck back there should start getting the people who are leaving out of there so you can thin out the amount
of Vans waiting right I think that would have been efficient I don't wanna I'm not trying to badmouth anybody I thought
nahilia the nahili of Argus the new director I thought she was Charming I thought she was level-headed it was
great I thought it was great that she came by and introduced herself to every single artist and saved my ass several
times with the golf cart she I got away from my booth and she picked me up in the golf cart and took me back back to
my little my booth home dog it got out of his yard oh come on
let's get the old guy back to a smooth hang on I think I know who owns this guy hang on uh Renee is this yours she's
like where's our lunch I'm like I couldn't get there
that's tough but anyway I thought she was Charming I was just this is just you know my like with any kind of show the
less micromanaging you have the better one like honestly it would be smoother
if they did nothing that's a bold statement but I honestly think okay here's the direction that you have to go
because you can't have like the one [ __ ] in the in the you know block of the RV who just takes a left and
everybody else is going right yeah but you got to go okay everything's going this direction if you want to be super particular about
it get a Loadout pass you know if once you're completely broken down do not ever
ever stop the people that want to break down super fast like right you know if
you can break down you got yourself you know Sharon Spiller wasn't at the show but you know you got to share and
Spillers you ever been her neighbor she's gone she can break down that booth in 15 minutes get her freaking fan in
there and get her out of the way because then you got somewhere to park is she one of those that says goodbye to you 20 minutes before the show ends because
she's not talking to you once the ones the flag drops and you're ready to get
the [ __ ] out of it she is a machine like that if there's any newbie artists out there find a show Sharon's doing and
watch her break down it is a thing of beauty it's amazing the people that can break down early let them you know just
let them do it and don't interview everybody about how you're gonna do it just freaking let them go all right what
um yeah that was a little bit and I mean we're being constructive I mean it's a positive we want to help it's a great
show it's a killer Market show Houston is awesome so we don't want to you know we don't want to be a wet blanket or
anything but there are improvements that can that can be made and a great new director absolutely so yeah so I get to
my first show of the year right I mean it's been I guess what is it a 14-hour drive 13 I
got 10 in the first day got up super early so I don't know I'm getting to the show
around 11 30 or 12 to set up the day before by you yeah I had rented a white
van so typically I've got that big truck but I'd rented a white van because I had to and uh car troubles but oh goes off
of my phone Amber Alert okay it says that some little girl has been kidnapped
she's in uh Dire Straits I don't know if the wording whatever yeah yeah but here at the bottom of the Amber Alert it says
unmarked white van without State plates that would be will Armstrong's family
I'm looking around the parking lot I'm like I think I count about 42 of these you know just looking like that's that's
bad news Houston you know you're gonna get a lot of missed calls on that oh man and then I got into the show and I'm
like you know I I I try to be nice I try to be kind and I get in line for the
thing and I'm I'm like waiting so you're talking registration when you're in the hotel yeah okay gotcha let me wait in
line again and I got like I've been there for five minutes first show of the year and I already tell somebody to go
[ __ ] themselves keep it in can you I don't I just you
know I think that's the um
you know they somebody asked me about a show that I didn't get into and I'm like how come you're not going I was like
that is like asking a woman why she doesn't have kids oh you don't freaking do that like it's one of those things
you do you don't ask a woman if she's pregnant she has to tell you first right that's that's part of my code yeah right
right that's part of like just living the other one is like how come you don't have kids you know never ask a woman
that either or a man it's just it's just you just don't right what people are dealing with how come you decided not to
go back to this show I'm like I decided I decided someone decided for me yeah
well a group of five of my peers got together and sat down and decided I was a piece of [ __ ] thanks thanks for asking
thank you not my year that she also has she's like please don't put this on the podcast and I was like oh what's going
on this is going on the podcast I I don't I don't have any control
anyway I met some lovely people new folks some fans of the show came by I
thought that was sweet that was really nice I mean I've been I feel like I've been in a bit of a of a bubble for the
last nine months out of the social in-person thing and it was just really
nice to look into people's eyes and talk to them again and have you know different than sitting on the couch and
watching Netflix and yeah you know even if you don't have the greatest show in the world people come
by tell you you're great is not too bad yeah it's pretty nice that's good for the good for the mood that's for sure
well it's necessary you know you need that's part of that Yin and the Yang it's like the the introvert of the
studio time and then the extrovert of getting out there and being told you're you're so you're so wonderful you're so
beautiful Douglas him look at him everybody he's right there can't help it
all right so yeah and uh so another thing that happened um I was I was going to ask you yeah
I can't seem to crack the jury on the show but um you got any thoughts on jazz fest going cashless well
think about I mean I I take him at their word I I mean I believe that if they say
it's about wanting to cut down on theft fine I mean it's okay I mean do you get
a lot of cash at the at the shows no I hardly get any cash I never take cash
never ever I have never taken cash no I don't take cash because I don't like to
have the Target on my back having cash in hand cash is what
what what what what what I was standing on the corner of Ontario
in LaSalle in downtown Chicago oh right yeah I ever been to that Hot Corner
um but if I saw you standing on that corner um getting paid cash I'd be a little worried for you
then a guy counting out three thousand dollars and tens and Twenties that looks
like he pulled it out of his food truck we're good we're good I'll count it
later we're good oh yeah and then on the other side there's a guy who has put a couple of quarters into the newspaper
box taken the stack out and is selling newspapers that he's stolen all right um
and he's like 10 20 30. I was like get
in the [ __ ] Booth dude this was like you gotta be kidding back of the booth then you can count it out that was back
in the day when I took cash a long time ago that was that's I don't take cash anymore yeah you know it's there's a lot
of uh counterfeit bills floating around there there's a lot of people doing their thing I don't I don't have any
problem with the show doing however they wanted to do it no I don't either and I I mean you see pictures of people
standing you know shoulder to shoulder pickpockets are there uh artists vendors
whatever you know different booths are there of different types were marks so I
mean a woman wrote on social media that she watched a neighbor go to zip up her
her tent one night and she kind of fell off of her stool which was a big deal and people were helping her but in the
chaos somebody ran into her Booth stole her stole her money bag and ran I mean so this stuff is real it's not like it's
just like an anonymous it happens all the time we're marked so
yeah um yeah I I don't have any problem with it Jazz Fest lets me in the show and be like you're gonna have to wear
Taps and every two hours you have to come out and do a little dance with a bow tie and no pants I'm like okay we'll
do something you know I don't know man or whatever
you want to do I just don't care that's right I'm trying not to get too worked up about it right and like you said I mean it's a show that we want to do so
it's like if they say this is the way it's gonna be okay all right yeah that's fine I don't see I don't I don't like to
make controversy where there's no controversy and I'm certainly no conspiracy theorist true
to uh tell you um that it is you know what's never a good idea to go on to Dr
Google and just uh start looking up stuff that you are wondering about oh
let's say like certain joint fusions in your ankle that sort of thing have you ever uh used Google to
to solve your medical Mysteries oh yes I have a torn rotator cuff
um brain cancer I'm losing my hearing I got glaucoma coming in don't forget about the balding part oh the balding
that's part of the brain cancer it's my tumor it's just eating through and giving me this uh flesh yarmulke right
it's always wanted me to just just have like that little disc that Monk's disc yeah back there there you go yep oh yeah
that's no anyway what what do you what do you I looked up one of my joint fusions in my ankle I looked up a tell
on a vicular fusion and I watched this cadaver foot get get surgery on it they
showed all of the steps and the drilling the screws into the let's just say I got
a little less impatient with my healing after watching that one it was just intense that's that's nuts I looked at
the uh the medieval torture device that they used to bring the Achilles back
together it's like these reverse pliers that they've got like multiple people on either side of this thing like pulling
physically pulling it back together I'm like okay uh that's that's good that's good
yeah you've been through the ringer it's like it's like your foot and your leg are going through a divorce they are
it's you're you're gonna feel pain for a year yeah that's what my therapist told me it's like it's gonna hurt for a year
and then after the year you're gonna be okay I think if I would have remembered
the doctor telling me that this was going to be a year-long process I would have maybe reconsidered but now it's
like I'm into it so there's no turning thing back but yeah my last doctor's appointment the first thing the good
news was your surgery was a 10 out of 10. you're doing great I'm like but the pain but
the limping but the cane all of the stuff that is making me get you know like a a spiral in my head about you
know that things aren't going well and he said well like I told you this is going to be a year-long recovery and I'm
like like you told me when they were not you know doctors suck at
that stage they do something that I've learned they you know they don't necessarily have to especially surgeons don't necessarily have to I mean some
have amazing bedside manners but some are like I did the job now you go do the job of the physical therapy the next
person totally you know especially in modern medicine like right now it's like pinhole camera you know I fixed split
now move on that guy makes foot feel better like it's not my job real so yeah
you got to be patient so here's a question for you yeah um this might be for for sweeps week at the end of the year
um but there's I make a lot of sweeps week jokes so there's no sweeps week no
in this no there is not podcasting yeah you know all right so anyway my question
is do you think you'll do that for the next foot it'll happen eventually
um for sure but my whole timeline of when it can happen because I mean it's
expensive it's expensive to take this much time off and to take the amount of breaks that I need to take like on our
way down to Houston I started to have a bit of a panic attack and because it took so much out of me to get enough
work made to get off to the first show and it
physically wiped me out just setting up let alone doing the show tearing it down
getting home again the panic attack came on when I was like oh it's not like I get to go home now and take like a week
break or something the treadmill is running and I have to keep up with it because I've got another lineup of shows
so I mean that whole keeping that pace up it was starting to to get me a little
uptight but I've settled in I'm getting I'm finding my rhythm and things are
gonna go well so I I'm not where I was two weeks ago and I am seeing little baby steps of getting better so I'm
feeling good I'm feeling really all right yeah yeah keep keep on the treadmill it's the only choice you got oh God no kidding we used to say hamster
wheel but this one just feels like the treadmill you gotta you gotta you got a little
carrot you got a little you gotta it's called money I'm like bank accounts empty hemorrhaging money gotta keep
going gotta keep going beat the monster yeah seriously yeah yeah [Music]
a hang tight we'll be right back this episode of The Independent artist podcast is brought to you by zap the
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into other shows all the information is right there in the prospectus with links
to the website I can see who the artists are that have participated in the past that's a great idea Douglas because one
of the ways that I was finding shows at the very beginning was to go online and see who I felt my work looked good with
it's just great that all that information is organized is Dan easy to look over when planning our next show
season so uh you know I thought I'd take this time of the show and I don't know
whether it's a good opportunity to do this or not but but no time like the present I don't think we've done this
this year kind of breakdown like what sponsorship means for the show and obviously we have
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owners the two of us you and I you were very smart when we we first started this this podcast you were like we own this
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at the NAIA or zap it's like this is the product and this is what we say we're
independent we stand by what we what we think and what we feel but ultimately it's us it's not only it's not a board
it's not a sponsor it's what we think and it's our experiences and the guests
that we choose to talk to are people that we want to hear their story and share it with the world so it we are not
an extension of any uh we're not a mouthpiece for any other organization right and so zap our good friends at zap
location uh it's a it's obviously um it's a sponsor that I you and I both believe in yeah we wouldn't have them if
we did not they offer a great service but they are our monetary backers yes
they back us each week and and we're happy to get on and and uh
and so the company line on that one because we believe in the company it's one that when we we all use and
extremely appreciative of of the fact that they want to support us and that they want right they value what we have
to say what we are what we are putting out to the artist community and Industry yeah they're giving back to the
community Through the sponsorship of this show for sure right yeah um can they get better
hell yeah they can get better are they getting better every year sure they're always making little changes and tweaks
of course and right anyway next is Naia the National Association of Independent
Artists you and I are both uh on the board there of that and I don't go to
any meetings but uh it's become hard to it's become hard for all
of the board members because just being professional artists is a freaking hustle and so we do what we can on our
volunteer time all of us to help promote the art fair industry and that's right
really what we're there for anyone can be a part of the NAIA it is not a membership no it is an advocacy group
it's just a ragtag group of people that maybe never would even never even have dinner together you know
it's like I want to be involved I want to be involved it's like you know our good friend Ben Frye uh I've known him
for years asked me to be a member of the board sometime back yeah I don't think
he's regretting it yet but um it's just a it it's it's a like it's a group that
steps up and is a voice for people that need a voice be like hey this happened can you
help me out here yeah sure react as a a board that takes observations from the
art show world and we communicate the needs of our industry to shows to the community to
whatever anything that can help the economic stability of artists who want
to show their work at art shows so whether whether you feel you're a member or a part of the Forum or just somebody
who goes to shows you're benefiting from the fact that NAIA identifies things
that could make the industry better and advocates in that regard right sure uh
so the you know they were on board when when zap came around and uh they were on board when when lots of different things
have happened whether it's a controversy with uh somebody filming somebody's Booth somebody stepped in and we're like
hey I'm not comfortable advocating for myself anymore because I'm I'm being called names by by these people and this
is happening and that's happening so basically it boils down to this you and I both believe in the group so we give
NAIA free sponsorship all boats rise as one you know they've got uh they've got
a voice we have a voice we believe in what they're doing most of the folks there believe in what
we are doing so right maybe not everything I say well whatever girl does right well one of the things that we
have offered as being part of this partnership with the NAIA is to talk
about the advocacies and the things that they're working on so that we can share that it doesn't mean that that is we are
we are that we are you know what I mean we are not the right the board we are not an AIA we are us but we will talk
about for example the work that's being done with emerging artists and helping shows build emerging artists programs
that is an important part of our industry to get younger people into the actual world and becoming earners on
their art and keeping the shows fresh and right and the show's fresh right I thought it
was really cool to walk around by you this past you know a couple weeks ago and to walk around and see so many uh
younger fresh faced artists I'm like man New Blood all right do an exciting work
I mean some of this work is coming out is just like we haven't seen this stuff out there and it's so great to have that
kind of like um she wasn't at this show but like uh Kina Crow's niece Hannah
flower it's so great to see a young person with her kind of talent being able to be in
the emerging artist shows last year and now she's getting into amazing shows her
lineup this year is going to be great right out of the gate so it's it's really important yeah and and so that is
one of the reasons that I'm uh we're having Camille Marchese come on to the show she had a really successful
emerging artist program that that went on and she handled it a little bit differently and I'm excited to talk to
her about it so yeah absolutely artists sometimes don't work together but uh
this particular program she got a lot of people on board and it really seemed to work out so I've I'm excited I know that
the initiative that her and Cindy lyric worked on for this was the fact that in
the past a lot of emerging artists programs were okay you're good enough to be in the emerging artists program
here's a booth figure it out and this is the next step it's a little bit of hand
holding it's a little bit of mentoring and teaching and really helping them to
launch and that's what we need we need to have new blood be able to launch and and get into this Market yeah I mean I I
really enjoy mentoring I've mentored a couple of different people um I've got a photographer that I'm
mentoring right now that um you know super talented but he needs to
hone it a little bit and the display doesn't exist he's not ready for prime time but it's like okay uh Virginia
shows we can get this this is where he lives so it's like this is happening but I love that
that particular thing I've got 21 years of experience now and I've done craft
I've done uh finer art I've done some illustration and and um you know I found
my way and I have lots of experience to pass on that can can hit or not hit but
all the same it's it's a generosity to be able to share with each other yeah
you know that's part of what NAIA does and it that's I believe in it I do so I
believe in that too absolutely I don't know you look at that group what do we got like you and me and Ben fry and
farhana and Amy Landsberg Diane French has been around forever doing doing every different kind of art show
um yeah Evan reinheimer and Reiko uh killer
group of of just a ragtag group of people that all believe in all boats Rising as one yeah those are the artists
and then for show directors you know Sharon Tanner and Cindy lyric and Camille Marchese kind of give us the
balance give us the other side of the of the thing so if it's like are we getting a little over our skis here as artists
and they can say well here's the balance here's the flip here's what it's like from this other side of the of the of
the industry so we can kind of work together am I just angry here because this guy's
a douchebag or uh are you talking about yourself there well are you the douchebag
not the douchebag there's a douchebag out there boy
[Laughter] um this was kind of weird so have you ever
gotten like weird vibes from from a hotel like you stopped for the night it's Sun's starting to go down you're
starting to feel like uh I if I go much further there won't be anything down the line so I'm gonna stop here and there's
really no reason that you should have these weird Vibes about the place but something about it just gives you the
freaking creeps like somebody died in that room or you're gonna get you're gonna get robbed or murdered or
something oh yeah I listen to those all the time it happens to me um a lot of
times in sushi restaurants if I get a bad Vibe um I am I like I've been known I'm like
the temperature is not right in here I don't like the carpet I got I gotta get
out of here so yes if that happens I'll get bad and it's not haunted as much as it is just you know I'm a little little
salmonella gun shy but they're like oh my God I just ate a bad oyster I think I'm gonna be sick
that's right so um being home here for a couple of weeks getting ready for the next show we got called up for a couple
of wait lists that a boy yeah so it was good but it was also like you know you kind of have your head on a plan for
what you're gonna do and then you're like well do I cancel a show I have existing to take
this other show that I would have rather been in do I try and fit it all in I mean how do you handle stuff like that
um narcissistically you take it off
yeah um sometimes I've committed to shows where I'm like I mean if it's if it's a
super biggie then then I know I know where my loyalties are gonna lie
I'm like I gotta go with the proven the track record one yeah but it's like
I don't know I I have been offered like would you take a terrible space in
your favorite show or a great space in a show that you don't typically do as well
in yeah you know and I I don't know you want to be on Broadway you want to be
off Broadway right oh yeah I mean on Broadway every time so yeah you got to
do what's right for yourself as long as you're not I don't know it you the best thing you can do is as soon as you
figure it out let the other show know you know yeah Dear John I've decided yes it isn't
going to work out this time yeah but uh I don't know I guess we we accepted and
we're gonna let the chips fall with where they may because you know we loaded it up and we can't make
opportunities appear out of thin air but if we've over committed ourselves then
you know I guess like you said it's not our job to do art shows it's our job to
sell the artwork we've created right that is yeah that's the great quote I got from from my buddy Matthew Napster
or our friend Matthew he's like our job is not to do our shows yeah so it's I
was talking to an artist who got into a huge show um this year and and uh I don't want to
mention her by name because I'm gonna I'm gonna make fun of her okay we're gonna preface it with a warning
okay because I'm on a honor business model she was talking about
um holding back she's like well I'm gonna hold back so that I have this work to
show with this this other show and I'm like your job is just to sell it all right right so if you if you sell it all at
the first show of the year you're done there you go take a take a nap you know
regroup later in the summer and we've all been to an art show and and seen you
know if unless you're a photographer you can't just reload and oh I know restock the booth you can do a show every
weekend you know they and I'm not thrashing on photographers they have their own unique business model right
yes thank you very much for helping you out here well putting words in your mouth
all right you know they can Reef you know it's going to take some time especially if they're not digital to run
the you know run the whole process and go through the framing that being said they I can't reload it takes me a long
time per painting I gotta I gotta take some time that if I sell if I sold out
it by you do you think I'd be gnashing my teeth that I didn't hold back some work for these next shows that'll sit in
my studio right so anyway she was like don't worry I'm I've held back work for
this and that so I'll make sure that I still have like why would you go to so many shows if you can sell them all in
one or two just sell it sell it baby just sell it because who's to say you
know right like you go to the show and you get perfect weather and the show that you're holding it back for somebody
walks by and and has something in mind you know and it it's I don't believe in holding it back I mean at all it's kind
of like uh what happened to us on Sunday in Houston at the last show we are doing
going to Houston shows one's a suburb one was in the heart of Houston a lot of
the art buying people might go to both and I'm not usually a fan of going back
to the same spot it's like find me here you know what I'm saying but those are those are bar off I mean that's like
doing a show in Richmond and doing a show in Charlottesville I mean they're so far apart you're talking about Bayou
in The Woodlands well so but on Sunday uh I noticed like at three o'clock on
Sunday there was an influx of interested people that our crowd was there okay and
I was really reticent to be like you know like they felt like well they're not just gonna walk in and just
drop five grand just like that they needed to settle in it needed to land they needed to process whatever
and I didn't want to give them an out I didn't want to say well we'll be here next week so you have for three weeks do
you have three weeks to think about it until they're walking out of the booth and then I'm like oh by the way you know
what I mean to try and get that one last chance to see them again so I'm hoping some of those leads from Houston
translate into Woodland sales coming up here yeah you know my only thing that I'd throw out there to people is um you
know we are all in this together whether you believe it or not you know we and the kindest thing you could possibly do
is if you can't make it or you know you're going to cancel all
right holding it right this is not gin rummy you're not hanging on to the ace so the other person can't use it yeah
let let the show go because your your backups show that you're hanging on to that isn't going to refund your money
could be somebody else's best show of the Year absolutely it's not going to have an opportunity to drive there if
you if you cancel day of yeah yeah yeah but that's the kind of thing you can do
to a show and and to our people your fellow artists all right totally yeah
for sure as of right now heck we're loaded up so we're gonna go and we're gonna we're gonna try and do it hell
you're not you're not just loaded up you're loaded up and already in Houston that's right exactly talk about one foot
in the door one foot in the door one one limping foot on the door
coming back look what you say is you get on the Good Foot which one is the good what's the good fall it's hard to say
these days so we built one or the other piece of [ __ ] well um we've had a long talk here we've
turned this into a whole episode but but before we go we've had a bunch of losses
come through the Art Fair Community in the last month and I I didn't want to I didn't want to end this episode without
acknowledging some of the the really great artists out there who have passed
yeah you know we don't always get a chance to mention all of them and and sometimes we get to talking and we
forget yeah and we don't get a chance to mention everybody but it is important and uh some of those have hit pretty
close to home especially to this time of year yeah so um yeah let's let's take a minute
Michael madso I mean I was neighbors with him years and years ago and I was a
little bit intimidated his work is phenomenal to me it's it's just the top
and such a wonderful human being and It's just sad to see him go man you know
what you're I am not on social media as much as I used to be and I didn't realize he had passed I I am familiar
with his work phenomenal work he's a real talent yes and I it's just a really
like kind and generous human and I just really I I was neighbors with him at one
show and it just kind of stuck with me that that was a really good experience I wouldn't say we were close or even like
on we wouldn't go visit each other in our booth but he left a really big impact on me his work did anyway yeah
and a huge impact on on the careers of of many and and made an impact on the
street right yes and um absolutely huge loss and also I want to give a nod to to
Jack Forney Jeweler from I believe he's from Indiana yeah he was an amazing guy
and I have to say years and years ago I pulled into an art fair at Coconut Grove actually and I plowed right into his
minivan by All rights he had the right to just
lay into me it was my fault sure I got out of the van I apologized he was reasonable he was just a kind human we
worked it out insurance took care of things but it turned into a scene where I mean he was just very a very nice guy
so yeah yeah those things make a difference yeah we've all been next to artists and um you know I want to
mention another one yeah um that that we lost I didn't realize that that David Piper had passed away and he has had a
huge impact on oh my gosh uh art shows and and his handmade shoes he and his son
um have had this business for a while I wanted it to kind of give him a shout out you know we've got Fort Worth coming
up and all right staple he was for many years and and the way that that show uh
wonderful show the way that one works is artists can close it at 8 pm right and
you're welcome to stay open and we we have electric at that show or um I'm not fortunate enough to go to be
going this year but uh they do Supply electric so you can stay open as late as you want right
the trick is that it you know it's like moths to a flame if you're the one light
all the moths are gonna jump in and so I I had long since finished my dinner gone
back to the hotel gone into the the Blackstone uh Courtyard and and gone up
to my room and I've got a view of the street and I looked down and there's David Piper still fitting people with
shoes just working his tail off just spitting his and he's basically got a
handmade shoe store and he's trying you know just just I mean just big like I could see the the grin on his face from
the fifth floor and just just working his butt off just really attentive to to
the collectors wanting what he what he did right more power to you buddy yeah rest in peace there sir you're a huge
loss to our community as well you got another one right yeah right and the
last one it's been a run of just bad news after bad news as this one was a really close friend of mine and he um
he's actually one of my art fair Heroes I'd have to say he's our age so it's really hard to see a young one go like
that so uh yeah Joe Christensen wasn't on the art fair scene for long
but he he kind of evolved past the art fair scene uh Ralph Lauren started
collecting his pots and all of his big pots were used in his showrooms around
the world and he just became a phenomenon and he's been on the back of
my mind as somebody I wanted to speak to on the podcast when the time was right and it just it really eats me up inside
to know that I'm not going to have that opportunity so to his family and friends I really send a heartfelt uh condolences
I'm really sorry about that yeah we we are and and the friends and family of
all of these artists and members of our community that we've lost I know that that uh David Piper's son is is going to
continue the business oh god um hopefully he can uh lean into the the
friends and and family there on the street but uh we're all we're all missing these these great great folks
that were members of our community we are we're a community we're a family and we you know you and me we do this
because we really want to highlight the amazing people out here and share
stories and and you know this is a sad ending but it really is impactful these people mean a
lot to us and and we just want to you know just send a hey send a hey out to
them so get out there and and make an impact on on your neighbor yeah there be
be kind to each other friends and and uh we'll see you next time right all right
I'll see you in um I'll see you in South Lake we'll see you in Texas my friend all right another round in Texas safe
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